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NFC Is Coming To Australia.

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2nd August

To put NFC in the context of smartphones, you will be able to wave your smartphone near a bus shelter, a supermarket product, a clothes hanger in a retail store, a magazine or even a cash register and be instantly connected to some content, an action or an app on your phone (are you seeing the potential here?).

Reactive White Paper on mCommerce

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8th June

I love the title of Reactive’s new White Paper. It’s called mCommerce 2012: The Year After the Year of Mobile . The document is a brief, concise overview of mCommerce in Australia, touching on Google Wallet, mPayments, NFC and new service Square which is dominating mCommerce trend talk in the US at the moment.

Mobile Commerce Booming in Europe

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4th June

If the European market is of interest, or you’re keen to see some more big growth numbers for mobile, check out the Zanox Mobile Performance Barometer. It’s a piece of research covering trends in mobile commerce growth from Zanox, a leading performance advertising network in Europe .

Australian Smartphone Usage On The Rise

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22nd May

We’ve heard a lot from Google in the Australian media over the last few weeks, as a result of the global research they’ve carried out with IPSOS in Q1 called Our Mobile Planet. With a base of only 1000 respondents, the broader population findings are a little shaky, but the usage & behavioural analysis is probably representative of the Australian smartphone-using population.

Retailers – Are You Converting Mobile to Transactions?

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22nd May

New research (and another fancy infographic) from Deloitte has highlighted the benefits that retailers can expect from mobile channels. In fact the article goes to far as to say “a tsunami of mobile marketing and commerce.. will…crash on the shores of retail”.