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Aus Mobile Ad Spending To Increase by 65% Next Year

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23rd August

A recent article on B&T reported that advertising spending on mobile is predicted to increase by more than 65% in the next year. This data comes from the PWC Global Entertainment and Media Outlook for 2012 – 2016. This is of course off a fairly low base, but the data suggests the tipping point is almost here for local mobile ad spending.

NFC Is Coming To Australia.

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2nd August

To put NFC in the context of smartphones, you will be able to wave your smartphone near a bus shelter, a supermarket product, a clothes hanger in a retail store, a magazine or even a cash register and be instantly connected to some content, an action or an app on your phone (are you seeing the potential here?).

Android Market Share Overtakes iOS in Australia for Q1 2012

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27th July

Devices running the Android O/S made up more than half of all smartphone sales in Australia in Q1 according to Kantar WorldPanel Comtech.

What’s Happening in Australian Mobile Banking?

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1st June

What’s happening?  Well, it’s all happening apparently! Using your smartphone to do your banking is not niche anymore, according to the big 4 banks in Australia.

Australia to Reach 50% Tablet Adoption by 2016

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1st June

Given we’ve only just hit 50% smartphone adoption, it’s pretty remarkable to see this report from Telsyte, predicting 5 million tablets in the Australian market by 2016. That’s up from 2.6 million in 2011.