Our Mobile Video solution brings together HD Video formats with rich targeting solutions, designed to drive results for brands.

Our bespoke audience creation reduces wastage with accurate data to effectively drive campaign and brand performance. 



Specialising in HD pre roll format, Snakk is able to amplify your video content to an engaged and responsive audience. With “network”, “channel” and “audience segment” targeting options, Snakk will always be able to engage with the right mobile consumer.
With next to zero fraud across its brand safe network and extremely high viewability rates, Snakk is able to deliver completion rates well above market benchmarks.



Snakk’s In-Feed Native Video is a subtle video format designed to sit natively within website content. This format is directly integrated with some of Australia’s largest publishers which guarantees brand safety in premium environments.
The format encourages dwell time and is accompanied by customisable copy to enforce the campaign messaging and to drive higher clicks and completion rates.



Snakk Outstream Video has been designed specifically for mobile. The video ad unit is built within a standard MREC format and houses a HD video for a high impact user experience.
The video auto plays when the MREC is 50% in-view and users have the ability to tap to play sound. The Snakk Outstream format also includes a custom banner below the video with a clear CTA and optional transparent character/product overlay on the video.